Life in Prague

This will be the first English post in blog :), please don’t talk to anyone about this, keep it between ourselves! Just joking 🙂 Probably I will read these sentences in the future and feel embarrassed about my English; considering my level of English, how brave I am :). Anyway, I will think about this later but now I am gonna write this post! Let’s begin!

My hometown is Eskişehir, Turkey. Sometimes I am surprised that how can Prague and Eskişehir be such similar cities. But they are.. Eskişehir is a small (rather than the big ones of Turkey), but powerful city. You can find, whatever you are looking for, in this place. It is not about the architecture of the town; it is about culture, being comfortable, safe and being the owner of all opportunities as well as a metropole.

Getting to the main point; living Prague not as a local but as a foreigner.

I am in Prague from the beginning of this March. With huge dreams, I left Istanbul for going to Prague, just as I had come to Istanbul from Eskişehir for university education, started a new life with Taner (who is representing husband role 🙂 in Prague. At the outset, it was actually great! After all trying and stressful business life, being in Prague without any obligation to do, exploring the city was awesome. But after 2 months everything has changed, I was getting tired of this lifestyle. I did not use to this kind of laziness, the whole of my life I was a creative person and I started to feel stuck in my home and Prague. At the beginning, for a while I did everything whatever I can; study, visit nice cafe & restaurants, make yoga, knit, sew 🙂

Fortunately, the holiday came and I stopped fluttering. We went to Turkey, as soon as I arrive I realized why did I abandon this country. After seeing my people in Turkey, came back to Prague.

Later on, we went to Italy for vacation with friends. It was also nice like every vacation. But unfortunately neither Turkey nor Italy did well for my stucked mood. Luckily my time came after all holidays; at the middle of July.

At mid-July, I started to work on my English and started to read finally. I was reading all kind of information, book, news either Turkish or English. I explored very precious Youtube videos and Ted talks. They came very well to me. I started to be a creative person again. Besides my English improved, it made me very happy and diligent.

As you can see, I can even start to write an English post 🙂 It was a very future target for me nowadays, but I did it approximately 2 months! It is amazing, to get rid of bad mood; I highly recommend everyone starting to study a new language, but not as a hobby, it should be a lifestyle, you should be awake with it and fall asleep as well.

It was the story of the first English post in my blog 🙂 Let’s suppose the story as congrats of my success 🙂

Life in Prague as a/an foreigner/expat;

I will write shortly (then also continue writing in another post) pros and cons of being here from my side. I should mention that I am not an old expat here, as I said at the start; I am here from the beginning of March.


1- Wheather (summer is not so hot, I was looking forward to that 🙂

2- Public Transportation

3- An amazing city (wonderful architecture etc.)

4- Security

5- Good social life (having late closed cafe & bar & restaurant)

6- Marvelous green areas (parks & nature)

7- Fantastic castles around

8- When you need; silence & peace

9- When you need; colorful night life

10- Cheap alcohol


1- Very high rent prices

2- Difficult to find a good apartment

3- Low salaries than life conditions

4- Difficult to find a good kind of vegetables

5- Sometimes rude service staff

6- Struggling with only Czech language speaker-public authority staffs (No English-even immigration offices)

Indeed you can realize Prague has more pros rather than cons, because of that we are here I think 🙂 It is basic math, yeah 🙂

I want to finish this post with my appreciation to Taner. If he were not supporting and being with me, I would not have any opportunity to live this adorable life, probably I would not be myself. I hope a Taner for everyone 🙂